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Lets streamline and decrease amount of time preparing to do business and just do business.

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  • Alex Lopez

    Alex Lopez
    Owner TV Head Co

    There is definitely a community of entrepreneurs that will love to take advantage of a platform like this. Anything that simplifies the process of interacting with event planners is a worthwhile process enhancement for small business owners like us.

  • VendorHive is here to make your life easier so you can focus on making money and enjoying your event.

    We are going to simplify 5 areas on the Vendor/Planner relationship including Locating Events/Vendors, Application Process Management, Contracting, Transaction Management, and post event reporting.

    Super Simple Search

    Festival event planners need vendors to support their events, and vendors need to be aware of the best opportunities to sell cool stuff. We are going to make that super easy by creating once central location for both to find one another. Create a profile and start having fun.

    Easy Transactions

    Scanned Credit Card Forms, A Bagillion Manual Transactions, and non-SSL Forms are a thing of the past. Make payments and accept payments with ease by setting up your accounts once and only once through the payment processors you know and love.

    Auto Apply

    Nothing is worse than printing, filling out, scanning, uploading and emailing only to know that you will have to do it again for the next event. We are going to make this as automatic and simple as possible, making it easy to apply for multiple events at once for vendors and even easier for event planners to review the apps.


    Events should be centrally managed and so should the chatter. Connect in centralized locations for all of the events you manage or book.

    This Generation Contracts

    The contracts are typically the same so why not sign a master agreement and addenda as necessary. Why not do this with recognized digital signature technology and simplify the whole process. Yeah we couldn't find a reason not to either. Your life should be easier, you work hard and you deserve it.

    Report Card Season

    Don't wait until the end of the year to see how you are performing. Integrate your onsite payment processors to see how you do at each event if you are a vendor or manage the success of your curation and vendor bookings after each event if you are a planner.

    Meet The Team!

    We are currently looking for strategic & magical innovators to make our incredible powerhouse platform become even greater. By our powers combined......

    Hours Saved Per Event Booking

    Hrs Saved Per Event

    Hrs Saved Gathering Event Reports

    More Events Booked Per Year

    Percent Better Curated Events

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